Why Natural Gas?

Fleet owners across North America are switching to natural gas for their truck and bus operations. Factory-built natural gas vehicles offer many benefits and incorporate proven, commercial engine technologies with power and performance similar to diesel engine technologies.

Here’s why your fleet should consider switching to natural gas:

  • Fuel cost savings of up to 30% to 40% per kilometer
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 20% to 25%
  • Increasing choice of factory-built natural gas trucks and buses
  • Ability to operate on renewable natural gas for near-zero emission performance
  • Quieter vehicles providing less noise in urban settings
  • Lower levels of air pollutants and air toxics affecting human health
  • Mature engine technologies providing required power, torque, and reliability

More than three decades of technology development means that natural gas vehicles are ready-to-go and able to meet the demands of day-to-day fleet operations. And, with more than twenty North American truck and bus manufacturers offering natural gas vehicles, the time has never been better to consider switching to natural gas.