Safe Operation

Natural gas vehicles have many built-in features to ensure safe operation:

LNG tractor refueling in California
  • Fuel storage tanks, whether for CNG or LNG, are manufactured to strict standards using sturdy materials. Tanks are tested for extreme temperature and stress conditions.
  • On-vehicle fuel storage systems are designed as a sealed system to ensure no leakage. There is no chance for air to enter the sealed system and create an ignition risk.
  • Methane detection systems are used on medium and heavy natural gas vehicles. In the event of a fuel leak, the entire fuel supply system automatically shuts down.
  • During vehicle refueling, fuel will not flow until the dispenser is properly connected to the vehicle. There is no risk of fuel leaking out from the dispenser with natural gas.

Natural gas vehicles have a track record of safe operation. Fleets interested in natural gas vehicles will want to learn about the safe handling of natural gas as a vehicle fuel and how natural gas differs from liquid fuels.