Factory-Built Vehicles

More than 20 North American manufacturers offer factory-built natural gas trucks and buses. Two natural gas engines are supplied by Canadian company Cummins Westport. The vehicles are sold through dealers and come complete with warranties, parts, and service support.

Factory-built natural gas vehicles provide a cost-effective, lower-emission alternative for medium and heavy vehicle fleets. Using proven commercial technologies, these vehicles meet all emissions requirements and comply with Transport Canada safety regulations. They satisfy daily driving range needs. Fuel storage and dispensing can be tailored to fleet requirements. Trucks and buses that return to the yard each day or operate in regional corridors are well-suited to natural gas use.

In the past, when natural gas was only available as an aftermarket conversion, vehicles had to be approved by individual provincial authorities. With factory-built vehicles, there is no need for province-by-province review and approval as Transport Canada ensures that vehicles comply with all safety requirements.

More than 50 models of factory-built natural gas trucks and buses are available. These vehicles range from highway tractors to vocational trucks, transit buses, coach buses, shuttle buses, and specialty vehicles. Truck and bus manufacturers continue to expand their natural gas offerings to meet growing demand for green alternatives for fleets.

The following table shows the natural gas vehicles currently available for sale in North America. All trucks and buses use either the Cummins Westport ISL G engine or the ISX12 G engine. These engines can be used with either a compressed natural gas (CNG) or a liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel system.