Securing Approvals

The local Authority responsible for the safe handling of fuels and for pressure vessels must approve the installation of a natural gas refueling station. Station inspection takes place during installation and commissioning. In Canada, the authority responsible for fuels, also known as the Authority Having Jurisdiction, is typically at the provincial or territorial level. There may also be municipal authorities that must be consulted for review and approval purposes.

Authorities refer to codes and standards to ensure that the equipment that is being used is safe and that it meets all Canadian requirements:

CNG pickup truck refueling at Pelican Lake, AB Equipment manufacturers, third-party station providers, and utilities work with fleet owners to secure approvals for CNG and LNG refueling stations. Industry contacts are knowledgeable about the codes and standards governing equipment and station installation. They can assist with the station application review and approval process. It is important to have a plan in place before approaching local Authorities to begin the application station application review and approval process.