Ownership and Maintenance

There are three basic options for natural gas station ownership and maintenance.

LNG refueling station at Robert Transport in Boucherville, QC

Third-Party Provider

There are third-party providers that will build and maintain refueling stations. If the third party also provides the capital needed to build the station, the cost of money plus a profit margin is put into the fuel supply contract and amortized over the contract term. These contacts are often structured as “lease to own” contracts with a take or pay requirement on fuel volume. A third-party provider may also help with referrals to companies that can lock in the natural gas commodity portion of dispensed fuel pricing. The commodity typically represents less than 50% of the dispensed fuel cost for compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Companies such as Clean Energy, FortisBC, GazMetro Transport Solutions, ANGI Energy Systems, and Trillium (Integrys Energy Systems) build, operate, and maintain CNG refueling stations. FortisBC, GazMetro, and Clean Energy also provide a build, operate, and maintain service for LNG refueling stations.


Fleets can independently design their own refueling station, and purchase equipment and services such as station installation or maintenance. The natural gas is purchased from a utility or gas marketer if a CNG station is being built. If an LNG station is being built, then the fleet will have to set up a fuel supply contract with an LNG producer. Using a do-it-yourself model, the fleet owner develops the specifications and installs the station using their own capital. The fleet owner can operate and maintain the station or it can contract this out to a third party.

Utility Package

Natural gas utilities deliver natural gas with the natural gas passed through at cost. A utility may also provide the refueling stations. Some utilities provide CNG stations only, while others can assist with both CNG and LNG stations. Utilities including ATCO Gas, Enbridge Gas Distribution, FortisBC, GazMetro, and Union Gas may also provide support to develop equipment specifications, design, and install the refueling stations. Fleets can maintain their own station or contract out maintenance services to a third party that can also provide station monitoring and emergency response services on a 24 hour, 7 day per week basis.