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Natural gas – whether compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) – is increasingly in popularity as a fuel for medium and heavy vehicles. Natural gas offers the potential for fuel costs savings, quieter operation, and lower emissions for vehicles that operate in return-to-base and regional corridor fleets. All major truck and bus Original Equipment (OE) Manufacturers now offer factory-built natural gas vehicles.

To help you and your fleet customers better understand natural gas as a transportation fuel, a new Dealer Resource Guide has been developed. This Guide provides information on fuel energy content, fuel cost structure compared to diesel, fuel taxes, approvals for vehicles and stations, and basics regarding CNG and LNG refueling stations.

Given that a lot of the past use of natural gas as a transportation fuel in Canada was based on aftermarket conversions rather than OE vehicles, assumptions are sometimes made that any natural gas vehicle is an aftermarket vehicle. To address this issue and create greater awareness that there are an increasing number of OE natural gas vehicles in Canada, a one-page summary is available that shows the differences between an OE vehicle and an aftermarket vehicle.

It is also not necessarily well understood that, if a new factory-built vehicle is to be altered to add a CNG or LNG fuel system, then the party that alters the vehicle needs to hold the National Safety Mark (NSM) for a natural gas fuel system installation. If the alterer does not have a NSM for this modification, the vehicle is treated as an aftermarket conversion that is subject to provincial approval including provincial requirements for Canada Registration Numbers (CRNs) on fuel cylinders and all pressure components. A Canadian Compliance Requirements summary is now available along with a more detailed report on NSM requirements for natural gas fuel system installations.

Switching to natural gas also involves several changes to fleet operations. A number of factsheets and related resources have been developed to help your customers understand each of these areas: