Work is underway in Canada to establish a national training program for natural gas vehicles. This work will be completed over the next 12-18 months. Courses are to be accessible at local technical and community colleges as well as through other natural gas service providers. Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel safety as well as vehicle and station operation, inspection, and maintenance are to be included in the scope of the program.

The courses will be suitable for fleet owners and their personnel including fleet operations managers, vehicle refuelers, drivers, vehicle service technicians, and natural gas station technicians. Courses will also be suitable for emergency first responders. Ten course modules are being developed:

  1. Awareness – Natural Gas for Transportation General Knowledge
  2. Vehicle Service – Light Duty Road Transportation
  3. Vehicle Installation – Light Duty Road Transportation
  4. Vehicle Service – Heavy Duty Road Transportation
  5. Vehicle Inspection – CNG & LNG Tanks
  6. Vehicle Inspection – Hoses, Tubes & Fittings
  7. Awareness – Natural Gas for Transportation Dispenser Stations (CNG, LNG)
  8. Station Inspection – Natural Gas for Transportation Dispenser Stations (CNG, LNG)
  9. Station Service – Natural Gas for Transportation Dispenser Stations (CNG, LNG)
  10. Awareness – Fleet Management

There are some existing training courses available including Toronto-based Centennial College’s Internal Combustion Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technician for Natural Gas course. In the U.S., NGVi offers courses on a range of subjects including CNG System Inspector, Driver and Technician Safety Training, and CNG Fueling Station Operation and Maintenance.