To learn more about natural gas as a transportation fuel, here are some publications and links to organizations that can provide additional information:

Case Studies & Fleet Testimonials


Liquefied Natural Gas: A Marine Fuel for Canada’s Great Lakes and East Coast

Report: Liquefied Natural Gas: A Marine Fuel for Canada’s West Coast

Natural Gas Use in the Canadian Transportation Sector – Deployment Roadmap

Study of Opportunities for Natural Gas in the Transportation Sector

Biogasmax Decision Makers Guide – How to Implement a Biomethane Project


Clean Vehicle Education Foundation – U.S. codes, standards, technology, and safety information

Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency – Fuel and benefit information

NGV Global – Online newsletter focusing on global natural gas vehicle industry

NGV Global Knowledge Base – International statistics, market trends by country, technology

NGVAmerica – U.S. market information including technology, incentives, workshops

NGVi – U.S. training institute offering CNG vehicle- and station-related training

US Department of Energy – Alternative Fuels Data Centre – Public station locator, benefit information