Getting Started

There are several areas to consider to get started with assessing natural gas and determining the benefits it can provide for your fleet:

  • Annual and per kilometer fuel cost savings
  • Fuel consumption differences based on the engine technology in the vehicle
  • Energy equivalency in natural gas units such as m3, ft3, GJs, and kilograms
  • Greenhouse gas emissions benefits
  • Available factory-built natural gas vehicles
  • Where to buy factory-built vehicles
  • Vehicle refueling options including private and public stations
  • Operational changes including personnel training
  • Making vehicle repair and storage facilities safe for natural gas use

There are many resources in Canada and the U.S. that are available to support fleets interested in learning more about natural gas. Our online business directory can help you locate product and services providers in your areas. The Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance can also provide assistance with talking to other fleets, locating suppliers, and assessing natural gas vehicle use.

Three regional Go With Natural Gas fleet outreach hubs are up and running in Canada. In addition to holding workshops, these regional hubs provide information, assist with research and benefit calculation, and put fleets in touch with key contacts across the natural gas vehicle industry.